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What Should You Do if Your Robot Vacuum Cleaner Falls Down Stairs Suddenly?


What Should You do if Your Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

                            Falls Down Stairs Suddenly?

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The life is always full of the unexpected. When you were eating, the lady in the next seat accidentally knocked off the water glass and spilled water all over you. When you call for help in a camping in the wild, you find that the damn cell phone had no power. When you were busy cooking, you answered a meaningless phone call, and returned to the kitchen, the fish was burnt.But life always has surprising warmth and forever hope. In the face of accident, we should not be afraid of it, but need to solve it. 

So what should you do if your vacuum cleaner falls down stairs accidentally? Cry on the street? Or squat on the floor and pray? No.

As we all know, Bagotte robot vacuum cleaner use spinning brushes and a vacuum to pick up dirt or debris, much like traditional vacuum cleaner. In fact, Bagotte robot vacuum cleaner can use various of sensors to avoid dangers and stay on track with its vacuuming tasks.

But, will Bagotte vacuum cleaner really falls down stairs?

General speaking, our vacuum cleaners are equipped with kinds of cliff sensors(also called infrared sensors), which can prevent them from falling downstairs. These cliff sensors will stop them from the edge of stairs as they approach the dangerous edge. However, if they are left unattended for a long time, troubles will still occur.

First of all, before we discuss the limitations of our Bagotte vacuum cleaner, let us see how the sensor work.

Bagotte vacuum cleaner uses kinds of sensors to navigate and perform vacuuming activities. These sensors are connected to the intelligent system of the device, which maintain the safety of the entire device and prevent them from any terrain and environmental hazards. When the device starts to work, its sensors will transmit the corresponding data to the microprocessor. Then the microprocessor can alter the device’s movement locus and cleaning paths that can protect the device.

Besides, Bagotte vacuum cleaner uses infrared sensors on its front and underside to navigate around the floor and avoid bumping. And also, these infrared sensors can aim downwards and continuously transmit and receive signals to let the vacuum cleaner know that it is approaching the ground.

If Bagotte vacuum cleaner encounters stairs and is located at the edge of the stairs, the cliff sensors will say to the intelligent system, “ Bagotte, my dear son, quickly increase the distance to the ground!”. Once the system is notified of the risk of falling, it will automatically calculate the best safe path for the vacuum cleaner to retreat form the edge. 

In this way, the sensor is safe and reliable under short-term unattended conditions. However, as the cleaning activities of the vacuum cleaner increase, the dust generated by the cleaner will cover the surface of the sensor. At this time, the sensor will not be able to send and receive signals, so the cleaner will not know what kind of ground it is approaching. In this situation, the cliff sensors would fail to notify our vacuum cleaner, and finally, it goes to the death road and says goodbye to you. Thus, we should clean our sensors regularly. As you know, the dirt will influence the scatter function of infrared sensor. If the dust concentration is high, it will cause the sensor to work normally, and it is impossible to judge the danger ahead.

Besides, if you find vacuum cleaner accidentally keeps hitting everything hard or accidentally runs backward even there is no obstacle in the front, It's also caused by the accumulation of dust.

So, what should you do for that? 

Well, I believe when you see here, you already know what to do. 

1-Remove everything on the front bumper and wipe it clean with a dry cloth

2-Wipe the sensors located on the bottom of the robot with a dry cloth

By the way, except the situations mentioned above, cliff sensors also have difficulty on the dark or black carpet.

Why? When the cliff sensor encounters a dark or black carpet, especially on a carpet with a very uneven surface, the infrared signal emitted by the sensor will be scattered by the carpet, which will cause the vacuum cleaner to overestimate the vertical distance between the sensor and the carpet.

Therefore, we recommend you using a even and lighter carpet.

Lastly, go ahead! Everyone! Clean your Bagotte sensors regularly!

What’s more, Brushes are cleaning consumables and need to be replaced regularly. You can click the link to buy them.

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