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Do You Really Understand These Signals?


Have you ever been embarrassed by all kinds of flashing lights? Besides being blinded by these flashing lights, you still can’t understand what it means. I am your beacon. I know your troubles. So, let me guide you travel the light signals trip...

  The Best Gift for Your Special Someone on Valentine's day


Valentine's Day is coming and maybe you are thinking about what to give to your special someone. Maybe you have already given her many things before and your mind is wandering around thinking about how to surprise her this time...

  What Should You Do if Your Robot Vacuum Cleaner

                            Falls Down Stairs Suddenly?


The life is always full of the unexpected. When you were eating, the lady in the next seat accidentally knocked off the water glass and spilled water all over you. When you call for help in a camping in the wild, you find that the damn cell phone had no power...

  How to Get a Convenient and Effective Cleaning ?


As the pace of life accelerates, we are spinning around in life and work. There is no way to spare any time to complete our home-cleaning. In order to save our precious time, we need a robot vacuum cleaner to share our cleaning pressure. They ...

  Our Blog is Released at Last!


Dear Bagotte Fans:

We figured out the best way to connect with you is through the Blog.  

Here, we will publish interesting and useful content to you...

What Factors of Robot Vacuum Cleaner You Need to Consider?


Maybe you wanted to buy a vacuum cleaner robot to finish your home cleaning tasks a long time ago, but you do not know what features it should have and what functions it should perform. Or maybe you already have one at home, but it does not meet your expectations and you want to try a new one...

Are Robot Vacuums Worth Using?

Thanks to the Technological Advances, robot vacuum cleaners have come to our lives as little intelligent helpers in cleaning our home.Can you imagine returning home one day, tired from work or meeting friends and finding your house clean...

9 Tips to get the best performance of your 

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Here at Bagotte we are concern that you can get the best performance of our products that’s why we have prepared a list of a few handy tips that will alloy you to have longer lifespan Vacuum Cleaner. 1-Clean after each use, 2-Remove harmful object...

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