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BAF20 Air Cleaner

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Available for large room and rapid purification: designed for large rooms, it can fresh the air 3-5 times per hour, fit for bedrooms, offices and up to 270 square feet

Protect your family and pet: the HEPA can reduce up to 99.97% of dust, pollen, pet dander and mold spores as small as 0.3 microns suspended in the air, the 3-in-1 air filter is very suitable for pets, smokers and allergic people, helping us to improve overall air quality

Low 25dB sleep mode: choose the sleep mode, which will automatically turn off the button indicator light to ensure darker and keep a quiet sleep enviroment all night, additional 3-gear fan speed  gives you different ways to adjust purifying performance.

Avg. 30W operating power: equipped with advanced motor, long-lasting and save energy that can run 24/7 without worrying about power consumption, the timer function allows the machine to run for 1/2/4/8 hours and then automatically turns off the power.

Safe and certified: The power will turn off automatically when you open the front panel for your safety.

Note: Our products can be delivered all over the world. In addition, we only need you to pay the price of the product itself, and you will not be responsible for the rest of the duties, transportation costs and so on.

3 Fan Speed

Allows you to adjust the speed from low to high according to the surrounding air to achieve the best purification performance.

1/2/4/8 Hour Timer

Customize and schedule 1/2/4/8 hours of running time, so it can be automatically powered off to save energy.

Sleep Mode

Only 25dB, it turns off all lights except the sleep button light to create a better sleep environment.

Display Off

Simple appearance with hidden button design.

Sensitive buttons, easily touch to start purifying experience.

Description :

Silent designing

built in special quiet design, running noiseless, give you a quiet cleaning world


guaranteed for 1-year 


What Included: (What you get)

1x BAF20 Air Cleaner


1. Please do not place anything on top of this device.

2. This device is for indoor use only.

3. Be sure to open the front panel of the machine and remove the plastic package of the filter before using the air purifier.


Input Voltage

110 V

Rated Power

50 W


124CFM(210 m³/h)

Applicable Area

270 ft²

DB Noise

25-55 dB

 Power Cord Length


Operating Temperature

5°F~140°F (-15℃~60℃)