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BAF80 Air Fryer

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HOLDS 5.8 QUARTS (ABOUT 5.5 LITERS): suitable for 3-6 people, the unique stainless steel body design looks elegant in the kitchen; the 5.8-quart basket can hold a whole 5-6 lb chicken to help make complete meals for friends and family

LOW OIL: compared with traditional frying methods the Bagotte BAF 800 air fryer requires almost no oil and includes 8 preset modes: French Fries, Steak, Fish, Shrimp, Drum Sticks, Cake, Chicken and Bacon

NON-STICK BASKET AND DISHWASHER SAFE: 360° circulating hot air system helps heat food evenly, so that your food is full of flavor without sticking to the pan; In addition, the fryer can go in the dishwasher to save you the hassle of cleaning by hand

SIMPLE OPERATION: combined knob and touch screen control makes it easier to operate than digital air fryers and is especially easy for older adults to use; cooking time is faster than traditional ovens and can easily result in crispier and more delicious meals

100 DELICIOUS RECIPES: the BAF 800 comes with 100 chef-tested recipes so you can immediately start exploring and building a new menu of snacks, appetizers, desserts, fish, vegetables and fruits

Knob Control
Easier to operate than digital touch screen fryers, especially for the elderly.

Dishwasher Safe
You can put the basket in the dishwasher without any cleaning hassles.


Detachable Basket

One-click separation of frying basket and pot, flexible use and easy to clean.

Nonstick Basket
The surface of the basket has multiple layers of coating to avoid food sticking to the basket after work.

360 ° Uniform Heating
Hot air circulates around the food to maintain the original flavor of the food.

Tasty Results
The BAF80 air fryer can achieve perfect crispness on the outside, tender on the inside results.

Power-off Protection
Pull out the basket, power off automatically. Put in the basket, the air fryer will continue to work.

Integrated Air Filter
Filter odors and fumes from work, then take it  back to a clean kitchen.

Description :


Bagotte provides life-long technical consultation and 1-year worry-free warranty


What Included: (What you get)

1x BAF80 Air Fryer

100 Chef-Tested Recipes


Model: BAF80

Voltage: 100-120V

Power: 1700W

Timer: 60min

Temperature: 170°F-400°F

Safety Certificate: UL & FDA Certification

Material: The front and top of the air fryer are stainless steel, and the back is black PP material.


-Please keep away from babies

-Please pay attention to the temperature

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