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Bagotte BG600 MAX 2000Pa Strong Suction, Automatic Carpet Boost, Self-Charging Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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UPGRADED 2000PA VACUUM: a 33% increase in suction to 2000Pa MAX means superior cleaning; intense suctioning power easily lifts debris off floors and carpets and a 2.7" super slim design makes it easy to thoroughly vacuum under beds and sofas to get a deep cleaning anywhere at home quickly and efficiently

BOOST-INTELLECT TECHNOLOGY: an automatic carpet booster switches to MAX power when needed in seconds to pull out dirt, hair, and other debris lodged deep in carpets, while its super climbing ability lets it move effortlessly from carpets to floors; 3 levels of suction power, can easily fulfill all vacuuming needs

6 OPTIONAL VACUUMING MODES: Auto cleaning, Scheduling, Spot cleaning, Edge cleaning, Single Room and Adjustable Suction modes are all available at the touch of a button to flexibly meet the cleaning requirements of different floor types, while included boundary strips ensure the unit will vacuum only the areas you want cleaned; 100 minutes of non-stop efficient vacuuming is ideal for big houses and residences with multiple rooms

SMART NAVIGATION SYSTEM: multiple sensors combine to offer edge drop-sensing, collision avoidance, and will minimize the likelihood of unit entrapment, while the BG600 automatically returns to the charging station when low on power meaning it is always ready to go; a tempered glass-top cover and bumpers also provide strong construction reinforcement

QUIET & CONVENIENT: powerful suction yet a vacuuming volume of only 55db, a 600ml-large collection compartment for more cleaning and less emptying, and a vacuum robot that is easy to maintain and elegantly wire-free with an integrated cable stored neat and tidy in its own compartment

Thorough Vacuuming
Upgraded 2000Pa suction pulls dirt easily off floor, automatically switches to full power on carpet for deeper vacuuming.

Ideal for Multiple Surfaces
The vacuuming mode covers almost all floor types, like hardwood floors, tiles and low-pile rugs.


Automatic Charging

Never worry about running out of power, it automatically returns to charging dock when power is below 20%.

Move Effortlessly
Ultra-strong climbing ability can help to exceed the threshold up to 0.63 inch.

Drop-Sensing Technology
All-around sensors keep your robot from falling down the stairs.

Smart Navigation System
Fully upgraded infrared sensors can detect obstacles, it will slow down in advance to avoid collisions.

High Efficiency Strainer
Triple air purification strainers effectively trap dirt to achieve a spotless home.

100 Min Processing Time
2600mAh large capacity battery for up to 100 minutes carefree vacuuming.